Enjoy, together with Hannibal Events and Trend Fabrik, he has had the pleasure to present this new, large and succulent event, with a first edition in Ticino in Bellinzona.

The Food Street is best known in the United States and Asia; There are many food stalls located in major cities like New York, Bangkok, Tokyo and Berlin. The specialties are cooked on the spot only with fresh merchandise.

All stands propose culinaree specialties prepared by amateur cooks and professional chefs who celebrate the new Street Food Trend called "Live Cooking". Their dishes reflect the culinary influences from various countries; the proposed food is unique, prepared with great pleasure at a reduced price. The stands invite you to discover and enjoy snacks and international dishes in a cozy setting.

The food is associated with pleasure and the Street Food Festival pays tribute to it and is suitable for all generations.

After a successful first edition in Bellinzona in September 2016, this year two editions of the Streetfood Festival will be organized in Canton Ticino. The first one in Lugano, from April 31 to 1 May and a second, in Bellinzona, from 7 to 9 September 2017.