“Historia” is one of the most anticipated party of Canton Ticino and it is proposed two times a year: December 25 and 30 April. A magical tradition to take a dip into the past, to remember the best years of Alcatraz, the glorious past of Vanilla Club, with music of the 90s and early 2000s. The appointment "Remember" attracts thousands of spectators from all over Switzerland and northern Italy.

The new trendy party in Ticino is called UNIQUE. It is a concept developed by Enjoy and regularly hosts important guests of the electronic scene.  Topic of this format is the love and the passion of the  music and the culture underground.

The format that has deeply changed the Ticino's Nightlife thanks to him Reggaeton, Hip Hop and R'n'B sounds. 


MASHmeUP! has a number of international appearances, including Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany and Italy and it is ready to start its residency also in Ibiza, inaugurating this moment with a "one night" in the special PACHA Club.

Decorations and dancers with urban choreographies, HipHip Hop, Twerk, Reggaeton and Dembow rhythm sounds, make MASHmeUP! An exclusive and unique 360° show!


Future brands

Enjoy is always looking for new ideas to be developed and to be proposed in Ticino.
Stay Tuned...