Located in the heart of the city, within the PalaCinema and overlooking the bright Remo Rossi Square, Movie is set in a completely new context - the renovated Palace of Cinema - and at the same time intriguing with history.

The link with the world of cinema is evident from the choice of the name; the environment is prestigious, extremely cured and elegant.

The Movie day starts at 7.30 am with a rich breakfast, to be enjoyed while reading the most relevant national and international newspapers. Lunches will always be healthy with a delicious menu of the day, exclusive and trendy appetizers, and a welcoming and attentive staff and relaxed lounge music.

The offer is very wide: you can choose from a large selection of drinks, cocktails and appetizing dishes, ranging from delicious tapas to Asian specialties, without forgetting the classics of Mediterranean cuisine.

The choice of drinks is also very varied; In fact, there are, among many things, ten prestigious brands of Gin, a large wine list and even two different refined coffee blends.
The interior of the Movie develops in the great foyer of the PalaCinema, while the large terrace with an outside counter that overlooks Remo Rossi Square. The showcase is suggestive: the large glazing that illuminates the structure is facing south.

Piazza Remo Rossi 1
6600 Locarno
Tel. +41 091 752 07 67