Enjoy: as the word suggests,
our company aims at offering emotions,
pleasure and entertainment to our customers.


Started in 2002 from a vision of Michael Lämmler, also supported from 2008 by the partners Alessandro Fuchs, Claudio Fuchs and Ueli Breitschmidt, Enjoy plays today a fundamental role in Canton Ticino and is the trend setter which sets the pace for all the events in the Italian part of Switzerland.

Enjoy’s 20-year experience in managing places where entertainment is at home, since 2011 has been used and has proved fruitful in the organization of big concerts and festivals.
Enjoy is focused on trendy events, but, thanks to its multicolored proposals, it manages to reach all kind of public of any age.
The company is also the owner of the most important club in Canton Ticino: Vanilla, which is also the biggest club in Switzerland.