Enjoy is very active
in the field of concert organization

The first experience was in 2013 with the concert of Antonello Venditti.
Then, in Februay 2014, there was the great success of Max Pezzali’s sold out concert at Resega in Lugano.

In spring 2014 Enjoy dealt with one of the greatest musical productions in the world: Andrea Bocelli’s concert, which took place in Piazza Grande in Locarno. It was a big success that confirmed once again the great potential of the group and its amazing organizing skills, which are essential requirements to achieve in taking such huge events to the success they’re worth of.

One year later Enjoy had the pleasure to organize Il Volo’s concert, the Italian revelation trio well known worldwide, in a similar context to the Bocelli’s one, in Piazza Grande in Locarno too.

Currently Enjoy is organizing Tiziano Ferro’s concert at Resega in Lugano, set on the 17th of December. This will surely be the pop event of the year! Many other concerts are planned for 2016.
In the occasion of the 2014 Football World Cup Enjoy organized “Enjoy Mundial”, the World Cup’s village.

At Stadio Comunale in Bellinzona it’s been set a real village with shops, restaurants which offered culinary specialities from all around the world and a giant monitor to watch the matches of the World Cup with a lot of supporters.

It was a really appreciated activity that attracted loads of enthusiastic attenders. The idea is to replicate something similar for the next European Football Cup in 2016.

2017 has already seen Enjoy dealing with the great successes of the concerts of Alvaro Soler in Lugano and of Edoardo Bennato at La Fabrique Castione (Bellinzona).
Furthermore, on March 25th, Enjoy has had the pleasure of successfully bringing the show of the Italian comedian Beppe Grillo in Lugano. Another great success was the concert of Ligabue at Pala Resega in Lugano.

At the moment, Enjoy is working on the concert of the Italian singer Jovanotti, scheduled for June 2018 in Lugano.



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