Enjoy is also very active in the field of concert organization.

The first experience was in 2013 with the concert of Antonello Venditti. Then, in Februay 2014, there was the great success of Max Pezzali’s sold out concert at Resega in Lugano.

In spring 2014 Enjoy dealt with one of the greatest musical productions in the world: Andrea Bocelli’s concert, which took place in Piazza Grande in Locarno. It was a big success that confirmed once again the great potential of the group and its amazing organizing skills, which are essential requirements to achieve in taking such huge events to the success they’re worth of.

One year later Enjoy had the pleasure to organize Il Volo’s concert, the Italian revelation trio well known worldwide, in a similar context to the Bocelli’s one, in Piazza Grande in Locarno too.

During the month of December 2015, to celebrate the arrival of the Christmas holidays, Enjoy organized the first major live concert of pop scene, with the International singer Tiziano Ferro.

The beginning of 2016, instead, is another confirmation of the Enjoy power. In the first month of the year in Lugano, it was organized the concert of Jovanotti, a sold out concert that warmed the hearts of the people and was able to bring out all the national media and beyond.

In December 2016 Enjoy organized the great concert of Eros Ramazzotti.

After the success of the concerts of Alvaro Soler and Edoardo Bennato, currently Enjoy is organizing Luciano Ligabue's concerts. This will surely be the pop event of the year! Many other concerts are planned for 2017.


Some of the past events

Antonello Venditti

Piazza Grande Locarno, 1st June 2013

Max Pezzali

Resega Lugano, 14th February 2014

Andrea Bocelli

Piazza Grande Locarno, 7th June 2014

Il Volo

Piazza Grande Locarno, 12th June 2015

Tiziano Ferro

Resega Lugano, 17th December 2015


Resega Lugano, 16th January 2016

eros ramazzotti

Resega Lugano, 17th December 2016

Alvaro Soler

Resega Lugano, 8th March 2017


Resega Lugano, 12th September 2017